Apples And Ginger

Gluten free,dairy free, and sugar free nourishing whole foods to heal and flourish.




Raw pomegranate macademia cheesecake

Raw blackberry amaretto mousse cake

Blueberry orange tart

Raw carob mousse

Dark chocolate macadamia nut butter cups

Cranberry bliss bars

Raw chocolate chip molten lava cake

Banana chocolate chip donuts

Vanilla donuts with chocolate glaze

Chocolate cupcakes

Lemon ginger ice cream

Raw carrot cake

Raw spiced carrot pear pudding

Raspberry lime ice cream

Raw mississippi mud cake

Mango chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream bars

Vanilla peach chai ice cream

Black forest mousse cake

Vanilla pudding tart



Raspberry lavender smoothie

Rainbow bliss  smoothie

Goji strawberry parsley smoothie

Happy liver juice

polynesian pina colada smoothie

Pineapple anti inflammatory smoothie

Strawberry ginger macadamia shake

Incredible hulk protein shake

Mean green protein machine smoothie

Goji berry lime smoothie

Enchanted forest smoothie

Red date ginger smoothie

Apple arugula smoothie

Double chocolate shake

Nectarine queen

Orange turmeric creamsicle smoothie

Blueberry lavender rose smoothie

Island breeze smoothie

Living V8 juice

Blood enriching berry smoothie

Bee energized smoothie

Strawberry nectarine kiwi smoothie


Cod salad with papaya seed dressing

Greek salad

Morrocan carrot salad

Garbanzo basil salad


Amaretto coconut bars

Curried kale chips

Raw graham crackers

Seed crackers


Orange muffin with glaze

Apple muffins

Harvest bread

Grain free walnut bread

Juicer pulp pizza crust

Hearty gluten free pancakes


Raw mayonnaise

Pumpkin seed pesto

Salted caramel sauce

Roasted garlic hummus


Fresh Thai spring rolls with dipping sauce

Shrimp tacos

Greek wrap

Salmon sushi

Spring rolls


Curried lentil soup

Curried cauliflower and potato soup

Cold buster thai soup

Tomato carrot soup


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