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What I ate Wednesday including a big greek salad recipe and some tips to give your digestion/gall bladder some extra love


rainbow smooth (58)

Today I tried to do all raw to give my body a mini detox. I did fairly decent, had a few bites of the kids food but overall feeling lighter and more energetic. I think I am going to continue for another day or two to help get rid of my bloated belly and acne issues. I need to work harder on staying off of overly sugary and fatty foods (oh but they taste so good!) Even if it’s gluten free or raw, high amounts of sweets and fats together are really not doing good things to your body. Our gall bladder has to work extra hard to try to break down all those fats and over time can lead to gall stones. One thing I suggest doing when eating a high fat meal is to drink some lemon water (heavy on the lemon) warm would be even better. This will help your liver and gall bladder break down some of those fats so you can feel your light and energetic self! I have gall bladder issues from time to time when I eat to many fatty foods but have found some easy ways of giving my gall bladder some extra love! Apples are an awesome gall bladder cleanser! they soften gall stones, and help prevent new ones with their astringent nature. You can test this by feeling your teeth before and after eating a raw apple, it scrubs those teeth clean!  A good gall bladder cleanser that an acupuncturist once told me about was to juice a whole lemon and a green apple and drink first thing in the morning before breakfast. I would eat a late breakfast to give it an even better cleansing effect also. Another great digestive helper is fresh ginger. Just eat a small chunk (the size of a ladybug) with or after your meal. Check out this page for extra info on keeping a happy gall bladder!

For breakfast today I made a green smoothie. I think will call it rainbow bliss because I used so many colorful fruits and veggies in this one. And of course I had to throw in a handful of chocolate chips for an awesome kick start to my day!

Rainbow bliss green smoothie

2 full kale leaves

handful of fresh cherries (de-seeded of course!)

1/2 mango

3″ chunk fresh ginger

2 kiwis

1/2 avocado

2 carrots

2 stalks celery

handful of dark chocolate chips

1 cup 100% pomegranate juice

2 cups water

10 drops stevia

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

For lunch I ate an awesome huge greek salad and raw apple crisp. Yum! ( I will post the apple crisp recipe tomorrow, this post is getting a little lengthy!) I think I am going to have another one of these salads for a late night snack! It could have used a tiny sprinkle of raw goat cheese but I am really trying avoid all dairy because I am doing this mild cleanse. Goats milk is low in the type of casein that is inflammatory and involved in causing diabetes and other inflammatory diseases. Goat’s milk is also alkaline while cow’s milk is acidic to the body. The fat globules of goats milk are only 1/5 of the size as cows milk so it makes it easier to digest. The reason I haven’t gone completely vegan is really because there are quite a few very important vitamins that are not attainable by plant foods such as the fat soluble A,D, and K2 vitamins and of course B12. These are extremely important for fertility, nervous system and immunity. Something interesting I learned in my nutrition class was that you need to take in twice the amount of iron if you are using a plant source than from an animal source because it is more difficult to absorb. That is important for pregnant women especially because a growing a baby causes your blood/nutrient stores to be depleted so the baby gets all the nutrients it needs.

Another reason I am not 100% vegan just veganish is because of Weston Price and dental health. Weston Price is a dentist that traveled the world to look at the dental health of people and what their diets consisted of. He found that the people who ate animal fats from organ meats, seafoods, and butter had the healthiest teeth with fewest cavities. He also claims to have discovered vitamin K2 which comes from these sources and when he used a mixture of butter oil and cod liver oil he was able to heal cavities in several people. He claims that for building healthy tooth enamel the body needs these specific fat soluble vitamins. I know that when I was giving my son butter and cod liver oil every day for a few months his teeth seemed really white. They are now slightly yellow, maybe I will start that regiment again and do another experiment to see if it makes a difference.  Check out Weston Price if you haven’t already!

big greek(57)

Big greek salad

1 cup arugula

1 cup mixed greens

handful of basil leaves

1/4 cup chopped onions

1/4 cup olives

handful of cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup garbanzo beans

handful golden raisins (or chopped figs)

1 tablespoon italian herbs

pinch of garlic powder

handful  of pinenuts (optional)

For the dressing: lemon and olive oil in a ratio of 1 part lemon 3 parts oil

For dinner I had another green smoothie. It was the same as the one I made for breakfast but without the chocolate chips. No picture involved-too dark!


2 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday including a big greek salad recipe and some tips to give your digestion/gall bladder some extra love

  1. That salad looks really good! Can’t wait to read the apple crisp recipe! I love trying different apple crisps. I have a version on my blog too. 🙂

  2. I love adding fresh ginger to my smoothies! I’m definitely gonna try out this combo

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