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Goji strawberry parsley smoothie for smoothie Tuesday!



This made a good smoothie to sip on while I was working some painting today. Since having kids it has been really hard to get in the painting “groove” because I can’t keep focus for more than about 2 minutes at a time. I have a 3 year old that needs my constant attention. I’m working on a few paintings to take to my local gallery to sell.

Goji strawberry parsley smoothie

Large handful parsley
1 cup fresh strawberries
3/4 cup goji berries soaked
2 large chunks pineapple
4 soaked dates
2 tablespoons avocado
2 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1/2 orange
1 1/2″ chunk ginger
1 1/2 cups coconut water
1/2 cup coconut milk
pinch turmeric

* I decorated the top with goji berries, strawberry leaves, and a strawberry.


2 thoughts on “Goji strawberry parsley smoothie for smoothie Tuesday!

  1. Your smoothie pictures are to die for! They are always so gorgeous! And such incredible flavors in one glass.

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