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Smoothie Tuesday! Ginger red date smoothie



In Chinese medicine ginger and red dates are commonly used together in a formula called Gui zhi Tang and are used to help fight a cold or flu virus from attacking so this smoothie would be helpful at keeping colds and the flu at bay this winter. You could even add some cinnamon for extra effect:)

Ginger red date smoothie:

1 large apple or 1 1/2 regular size
2 carrots
1/4 large beet
4-5″ piece of fresh ginger (peeled)
5 soaked red dates
large handful of greens (I used romaine)
1/2 lemon with peel
1 tablespoon sunbutter (sunflower seed butter)
2-3 cups filtered water

*Make sure to drink smoothies at room temperature for your digestion’s sake!

*Cheers to good health*

This recipe can also be seen here with many other yummy vegan recipes.


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Tuesday! Ginger red date smoothie

  1. This sounds really good! I think I’ll be drinking a lot of smoothies next week as I transition to solid food. This sounds like a great one to try! Thanks!

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