Apples And Ginger

Gluten free,dairy free, and sugar free nourishing whole foods to heal and flourish.


This is a list of the main ingredients I like to use in my recipes (staples). It may change over time when I discover new ingredients that work well with my body.

coconut (oil,milk,shredded)

flax seeds

chia seeds

rice (all kinds)

mung beans

aduki beans


black beans

garbanzo beans and flour

brown rice flour

raw buckwheat

pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds

sesame seeds

tapioca flour

raw honey

nori seaweed

kelp seaweed powder

yellow raisins


maple syrup


all fruits/veggies

all spices

almonds (in small amounts because of oxalates)

walnuts and pecans (soaked in lemon juice or freshly shelled only)

egg whites( in moderation)

all seafood (in moderation)


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