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Raw raspberry rose and white chocolate mousse cake


I am trying not to eat too many deserts that contain much fat but there is something about this combination I just couldn’t resist! We have a huge raspberry bush in our back yard that is starting to produce raspberries every day now so I will be eating tons of them in the next few weeks-Yum! I fell of my raw food wagon a few days ago because I’m starting to put on some weight and it seemed like my hair was starting to thin so I panicked and started eating some black beans and fish. I have always noticed my hair seems to get really healthy, shiny and thicker when I am eating a lot of black beans. I think it may be because it is high is the amino acid L-lysine which is good for hair growth and beans are a great protein source. I think I will go back on the raw but still include some black beans and some digestive aides like more probiotics to make sure I am absorbing my protein better. And also I will be increasing my fresh veggie juice intake. Any readers with some raw advice on these issues are appreciated! Leave comments below! I just did my first mud run yesterday and I had a BLAST! Who knew playing in the mud could be so much fun!!

Raw raspberry rose white chocolate mousse cake


2 cups soaked cashews

1/4 cup +4 tablespoons coconut milk

5 packets stevia

1 1/2 vanilla extract

1/3 cup raspberries

5-7 drops rose water extract

1-2 tablespoon honey or maple

3 tablespoons melted cocoa butter


2 tablespoons ground blanched almonds

2 tablespoons ground cashews

1 tablespoon ground shredded coconut

1/2 tablespoon orange juice

1/2 tablespoon honey/maple or 2 soaked dates mashed

pinch of sea salt

* Blend mousse ingredients except for the raspberries and rose extract until smooth and creamy.

* Take out 1/2 of the blended mouse out of the blender and put aside in a separate bowl.

* Add the raspberries to the remaining mouse in the blender and blend until smooth.

* Mix the crust ingredients together and put the crust in a greased 4″ springform pan with parchment paper on the bottom.

* Pour the white mouse for the first layer then the raspberry rose mouse for the second layer.

* Decorate with raspberries and cacoa nibs and refrigerate for about 2-3 hours to set.

* Eat up!  Makes about 4 larger or 6 smaller servings.

Getting ready for the mud run! And yes those are tutus we’re wearing!


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Raw Raspberry pudding

This is a healthy yummy treat for the family! I am loving raspberries lately. They are high in vitamin C and not overly sweet.

1 cup of frozen raspberries

1 avocado

2 soaked dates

1 cup of coconut milk( or just enough to blend the ingredients)

a few drops of vanilla stevia to taste

food blog pudding