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Raw blackberry amaretto mousse cake


I have been working really hard the past few days painting our house (by myself) in this hot weather. This was a well deserved treat for desert tonight. I think I am going to be obsessed with almond extract for a while because YUM! It goes so well with blueberries, blackberries, and cherries!

Raw blackberry amaretto mousse cake

For the mousse:

2 cups soaked cashews

4 soaked medjool dates

1/3 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 cup coconut milk

2 teaspoons almond extract (or amaretto liqueur)

1 cup fresh blackberries

20 drops vanilla stevia

For the crust:

3/4 cup ground cashews

2 soaked medjool dates

pinch of sea salt

* Blend mousse ingredients in the blender/processor until smooth (you can layer white and purple by blending without the blackberries and dividing in half then only adding the berries to one of the halves.)

*Combine crust ingredients and press into the bottom of a greased 4″ springform pan.

* Refrigerate for at least 6 hours to set. I usually leave it for 24 hours before eating.

* I topped with mint leaves, blackberries, and flower petals.

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What I ate Wednesday and raw graham cracker recipe


For breakfast I had some fresh juice with carrots, celery lemons, parsley, and red cabbage.


For lunch I made a big salad with tomatoes, gojis, my pesto seed crackers crumbled up, onions, lemon, olive oil, garlic powder and salt. I also had an orange, a carrot, seaweed, and a handful of oriental rice cracker/nut mix. I ate this same salad for dinner but I mixed in a few chunks of teriyaki salmon.


For desert I had some raw graham crackers (recipe below) and an apple. My kids LOVED these crackers/cookies. As a kid I liked eating these with butter and as smores when we went camping. I may have to spread some vegan butter on these -yum! (I am a believer in moderate amounts grass fed butter and my kids eat it for dental health but my skin hates dairy so I have to avoid it.)

Raw graham crackers

1 cup buckwheat groats (soaked/sprouted)

1 cup ground coconut shreds

1 cup ground pumpkin or sunflower seeds (preferably soaked/sprouted)

2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1-2 tablespoons raw honey

2 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon molasses (not raw but you can try replacing with lacuma or yacon-these are on my list of foods to try!)

pinch of sea salt

* Mix ingredients and flatten out between 2 pieces of parchment paper and dehydrate for about 24 hours.

* Makes about 8 medium sized crackers (you may want to double or triple the recipe)


Raw apple cinnamon seed granola

granola (97)

I am always looking for breakfast options that don’t include eggs,wheat, or dairy for my kids and I. It can be difficult to find things that meet this criteria and that every one likes. I use to love cereals as a child and have not eaten much cereal since I went gluten free about 12 years ago. So I am going on a cereal kick and going to try to come up with a few different types of cereals that are grain free for us to have on hand. Also I love to have some crunchies to throw on my salads as well.

Apple cinnamon seed granola (raw/vegan)

1 cup coconut shreds

1 cup raw buckwheat groats

1 cup sesame seeds (I used black and white)

1 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds

1 cup flax seeds

1/2 cup ground flax seeds

1/2 cup water

1-2 tablespoons of raw honey (or stevia)

1 apple chopped and peeled

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 tablespoon cinnamon

optional: 1/2 cup raisins or other dried fruits

pinch of sea salt

* Mix ingredients and press onto parchment paper ( about 1/2″ thick)

* Dehydrate for about 24 hours or until crunchy

* Makes about 6-8 servings (2 days worth for 3 of us)

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DIY kids summer cough and immunity syrup

My daughter is just getting over a cold this week and I mixed up a great cough syrup that has really helped her. I almost always make my own cough syrups for my kids because they are so easy and seem to work well with no harmful drugs that can be hard on their liver. My daughter had whooping cough almost a year ago so her lungs are still healing from the damage that is caused by that horrible disease. I think I would have given her vaccines earlier like I did with my son if I could do it all over again. I planned on giving hers at 2 years but when she was 2 she kept getting colds which eventually turned into whooping cough so I didn’t get the chance to give hers until after she had already been sick. Thank goodness none of us got whooping cough because it was horrible listening to her uncontrollable coughing fits, wheezing, and vomiting for about 4 months straight . Unfortunately we all had to take antibiotics so we were not spreading the infection (my body is still recovering from those almost a year later).

Summer cough syrup

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon honey (or just use stevia if under 1 year)

pinch of turmeric powder

1/2-1 tablespoon peppermint extract

1/2 tablespoon rose water

1 tablespoon water ( or more lemon juice)

a few drops stevia extract

* I am not one that likes to measure things but this is about what I use to make this. You can always taste it as you make it to judge if it has too much or not enough of something. ( So your kids will like taking it like mine do)

* I just use a glass dropper bottle from my empty stevia bottle ( you can pick these up at health food stores or purchase online) and I give about 1/2 of a dropper-1 dropper full to my 3 year old.

* Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor-everything on my site is based off of my own opinions and is in no way a substitute for professional medical advice.

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What I ate Wednesday and raw black forest mousse cake and ice cream bars

For breakfast I snacked on some almonds and a few bites of my kids gluten free toast with pumpkin seed butter before my work out at the gym then had some goji berries when I got back.


For lunch I ate a huge salad with kale,cashews, sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, GF pesto pasta from my kid’s dinner from last night, onions, and a little sheep cheese on top. I think that salad was too heavy because it did not sit well-but it was tasty. I also made some fresh veggie juice also with: carrots, apples, lemon, ginger, parsley, celery, cucumber, beets, and pineapple=Fabuloussss! Makes a beautiful pinkish colored juice.

sal (91)


For dinner I had a lighter salad with romaine, sun dried tomatoes, raspberries, pesto seed crackers crumbled up, and some chia seeds. I usually use lemon and olive oil for my salad dressing with  little garlic and salt. I made up for the light salad with the black forest ice cream bars that I made with the left over mousse from my mousse cake I made earlier. Recipe below!



Black forest mousse cake (mini -with leftovers)


2 cups cashews soaked

1/4 cup coconut oil melted

5 soaked medjool dates

1 cup black cherries

2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

10 drops vanilla stevia (optional)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

chocolate cake crust:

1 cup ground cashews

2 soaked dates

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

5 drops vanilla stevia (optional)

* Blend mousse ingredients until smooth

* Make crust ingredients and form to bottom of 4″springform pan ( I line the bottom in parchment paper and grease the sides with coconut oil)

*For the top melt 1/4 cup coconut oil with 3 tablespoons of cocoa and 10 drops of stevia to make the chocolate for the top ( or melt chocolate chips) You can pour some on parchment paper and put in the refrigerator to make the chocolate chunks for the sides of the cake.

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bfbars (94)

Black forest ice cream bars

just add about 1/4 cup of coconut milk to the mousse in the above recipe and pour into Popsicle molds!


Goji strawberry parsley smoothie for smoothie Tuesday!


This made a good smoothie to sip on while I was working some painting today. Since having kids it has been really hard to get in the painting “groove” because I can’t keep focus for more than about 2 minutes at a time. I have a 3 year old that needs my constant attention. I’m working on a few paintings to take to my local gallery to sell.

Goji strawberry parsley smoothie

Large handful parsley
1 cup fresh strawberries
3/4 cup goji berries soaked
2 large chunks pineapple
4 soaked dates
2 tablespoons avocado
2 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1/2 orange
1 1/2″ chunk ginger
1 1/2 cups coconut water
1/2 cup coconut milk
pinch turmeric

* I decorated the top with goji berries, strawberry leaves, and a strawberry.

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Raw Pesto/tomato and spirulina green seed crackers


I have seen crackers like these that were very over priced at health food stores and I have always wanted to try making them for myself. Turns out they are super easy to make and really delicious! You can do any flavor combinations you want! If you add oregano and more sun dried tomatoes to my pesto crackers you will have pizza flavored crackers. Great for kids snacks or snacks on the run! You can put avocado or hummus on top or any dip that sounds tasty. These would be awesome crumbled up on salads too!

Pesto seed crackers

1 cup flax seeds

1 cup sesame seeds

1/2 cup black sesame seeds

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup ground flax seeds

large handful fresh basil

1/2 cup water

juice of 1 lemon

1 garlic clove

1/4 cup ground pumpkin seeds

about 6-8 chopped sun dried tomatoes

1 tablespoon olive oil

pinch of sea salt


* For the pesto sauce blend: basil. lemon juice, ground pumpkin seeds, water, garlic, salt and oil together until smooth.

* Mix the pesto sauce with all of the seeds and form into crackers on parchment paper and dehydrate overnight.( If too dry add a touch more water to the mix or if too wet just add some more ground flax.)

* Makes about 12 medium-large sized crackers


Spirulina green crackers

1 cup flax seeds

1 cup ground flax seeds

1 cup sesame seeds

1/2 cup black sesame seeds

1 cup sunflower seeds

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1/4 cup coconut milk or water

2 tablespoons hemp protein powder (not sure if this is raw)

1 tablespoon spirulina powder

1/2-1 tablespoon garlic powder

pinch of sea salt

* Mix all ingredients together and press into crackers on parchment paper and dehydrate over night.

* Makes about 10-12 medium – large crackers