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Smoothie Tuesday! Blackberry mocha shake

soup and blackmocha smooth 020

Happy Tuesday! I really enjoyed this smoothie today! I try to avoid caffeine on a regular basis but once in a while I will take a little energy boost to motivate myself to be more productive. I have been trying bee pollen this week to see if I notice any effect and so far its hard to tell. I have been able to sleep better at night but I have been getting a ton of sunshine in the past few days too so it may also be the  fabulous benefits of the highly elusive sunshine (in Western Washington at least).

I have started taking a zumba class at the gym which is totally out of my comfort zone. I think if something is out of your comfort zone then it probably means you need to do it!  How else do you grow as a person?  I have never been someone who feels comfortable dancing so I am excited to try some right brain exercise instead of just hitting the machines or the track!


Blackberry mocha shake

1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup blackberries
1/4 cup chopped mango
1 apple
2 large handfuls of leafy greens
1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 teaspoon ground coffee
3 cups water
1 tablespoon bee pollen (optional)
1 tablespoon hemp protein powder (optional)
5-10 drops stevia (optional)



Smoothie Tuesday! Strawberry mocha shake

strawmocha 001

Sometimes you just need something a little naughty! But it’s still healthy so no fear! Forget your frappaccino you can make a coffee shake which is a million time healthier and more creamy!

Strawberry mocha shake

1 1/2 cups strawberries
1 small avocado (or 1/2 of a large)
1/4 cup walnuts
2 cups coconut or nut milk
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons honey/maple
15-20 drops vanilla stevia
2-3 teaspoons ground coffee
optional:4 capsules maca powder

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Smoothie Tuesday! Double chocolate shake


I don’t drink shake type smoothies very often but once in a while I will have the craving and this is the perfect healthy chocolate shake to go to when the craving strikes! I try to avoid bananas in my smoothies because they are horrible for people with candida problems. Its a good thing avocado is the perfect texture replacement for bananas for making super creamy smoothies!

 Double chocolate shake 

3 cups coconut milk
1 avocado
1 tablespoon sunflower butter
2 packets stevia
2 tablespoons honey/maple
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon hemp powder(optional)
1/4 cup dairy free chocolate chips
1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder

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Incredible Hulk energizer protein shake


This has been my new favorite breakfast lately. Perfect on those days where you are tired and need a little kick in the pants to get you moving! Your green muscles may just burst through your shirt like the big green guy! My new routine that I have been loving lately is when I first get up drink a massive cup of lemon water (filled with sliced lemons/oranges and chopped ginger ) to give my body a good detox flush then follow it up a little bit later with this shake or a green smoothie-Yum!

Incredible Hulk energizer protein shake

3 cups almond or coconut milk

1 cup of blueberries (or strawberries)

3 soaked dates

2 tablespoons ground chia seeds

1-2 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 tablespoon spirulina powder

1 tablespoon hemp protein powder

2 tablespoon maca powder

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 packet stevia (or 1-2 more soaked dates)

1 capsule probiotics (optional)


Strawberry ginger macadamia shake


As you might have noticed everything I have made lately contains macadamia nuts in it. Part of the reason is I miss Hawaii big time and we lived off of them while we were there over a month ago. This shake makes a good desert that is easily digestible because of all the fresh ginger and no dairy. I just got a new blender and I am really excited because my other one was starting to die and just barely worked until it finally exploded (my fault-I stuck a spoon in there while it was blending to help it blend) I REALLY recommend the Kitchen aid blender because it is powerful (700 watt motor) and it doesn’t have a bunch of weird pieces that are impossible to clean. I’m sure the vitamix is even better but some of us can’t afford a $300 blender so this one does the job.

Strawberry ginger macadamia shake

2 cups coconut milk

1 cup frozen strawberries

handful macadamia nuts

3″ piece of ginger

1/2 avocado

30 drops stevia or to taste

1/2 vanilla bean(inside) or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract