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Smoothie Tuesday! Strawberry nectarine kiwi smoothie

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Hi there! Sorry for the crickets chirping on the page lately! My dad has been in and and out of the hospital this last month with liver/kidney issues due to cirrhosis. So I have been busy helping out my mom and visiting him up in Seattle the last month or so. In the mean time my dog has been retaliating with my being gone more with discovering how to break out of her kennel and destroying  just about everything-cars, door frames,blinds at our house and my parents house.

I actually have a few smoothies that are waiting to be posted that I haven’t had time to post. This one is from a few weeks ago. I have an energizing smoothie that I am going to post tomorrow that includes bee products such as pollen, royal jelly and raw honey. That one was added to my facebook page but never made it to this page. So check out my facebook page also! This has been a busy year for me so far! We are preparing to start treating patients in the teaching clinic at my school this fall. The school has added patented chinese herbal formulas to my program, so I am excited to be able to learn about 100 patented formulas and dispense them to patients!

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Strawberry nectarine kiwi smoothie
1 cup strawberries
2 nectarines
1 apple
4 kiwis
pinch of turmeric
1″ chunk of ginger (optional)
2 cups water


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