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Easy vegan egg nog!

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I love eggnog but my body can’t do dairy or egg yolks so this yummy version is what I came up with!

Vegan egg nog

3 1/2 cups of coconut or coc/almond milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 pinch nutmeg powder

1 pinch sea salt

sweeten with stevia,honey,or maple

optional:  small pinch of turmeric for color and health benefits (you can’t taste it)

* Warm in a pan to desired temperature

*  Sprinkle a little nutmeg on top to make it pretty and drink by a warm fireplace… or not;) Serves 2

This recipe is also seen here  with many other allergy free recipes.


One thought on “Easy vegan egg nog!

  1. I am also reducing dairy in my diet… Thanks for the recipe ! 😀

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