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What I ate Wednesday!

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It has been a while since I have done one of these. I have been really busy with school so now I am trying to get back to doing these posts more regularly. I have been attempting to eat more broths and meats this last few months because in school my instructors (Chinese medicine) really recommend to include these foods in our diet to prevent a blood deficiency which can limit your memory and ability to focus in school. Red meats are especially good for this because they are so blood rich. I do have a hard time with that one because I really don’t like eating red meats and don’t feel like a can digest them well.  So my compromise is to try and include liver capsules, some fish or chicken occasionally and some broths in my soup here and there.

For breakfast today I had a matcha green smoothie (just posted the recipe yesterday) and a match tea latte with it.

wiaw 003

For lunch I had an awesome black bean taco salad (vegan) with romaine,seasoned black beans ,vegan ranch dressing, guacamole, salsa, red peppers, and tortilla chip pieces on top. I also had some of the leftover smoothie from breakfast. I didn’t really eat much for dinner except munching on blue tortilla chips dipped in hummus and guacamole.

wiaw 006



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