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What I ate Wednesday!

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Hi all! I have been trying to include more animal products in my diet this winter because I have been working on my blood deficiency (a chinese medicine term similar to anemia). But I have come to the conclusion that I have felt worse since adding more meat in my diet so I am going back to a more vegan (ish) diet.( I still like to eat seafoods occasionally). I actually think  blood deficiency/anemia comes more from a poorly functioning digestive system than having a high intake of animal foods. My gall bladder certainly has not enjoyed more animal products the past few months and I would prefer to keep it around for a while. Also when your liver is congested with animal products it can effect your energy levels and moods. In chinese medicine depression can be caused by a stagnate liver so when you want to be happy and feel great you should keep your liver qi flowing smoothly. Exercise, clean air, healthy diet, and a positive outlook all can keep your liver qi flowing smoothly! There are tons of chinese herbs and plant foods that can help keep your body from becoming deficient and for tonifying your blood and qi. I’m going to go this route for building blood instead of the meat route. One of the ways you can tell if you are blood deficient is if your tongue is very pale pink instead of a brighter pink color.

For breakfast today I had a breakfast taco ( a corn tortilla with sunbutter and shredded carrots) ,a grapefruit, and some cashews.

applesand gingwiaw14 001


For lunch I had some more of my vegan chili (will post the recipe soon) and a smoothie with apples, ginger, radishes, cilantro, carrots, kale, and avocado.

applesand gingwiaw14 018


For dinner I made a wrap with curried roasted veggies, hummus and fresh cilantro. I also had some of my leftover smoothie from lunch.

applesand gingwiaw14 021




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