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What I ate Wednesday!

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Now that I am over my winter colds I am starting to incorporate daily smoothies back into my life. I pretty much try to stick to soups and teas when I’m sick.(especially good and spicy ones!)  I had a great weekend intensive at school last weekend learning about the philosophy and techniques of acupuncture and chinese medicine. I am so happy to  be able to study this medicine! It’s much more than medicine it is also life philosophy. It is so interesting to me how much our thoughts and intentions play a such a large role in our health. Find out the things that make you happy and do those things alot and regularly!! Cheers to good health!

What I had for breakfast today was a slice of gluten free toast with sunbutter and an egg white with a green smoothie.( pineapple,grapefruit,kale, basil,apple, avocado and ginger)applesandgingerjan14 001

For lunch I had some vegan chili topped with cilantro and avocado and some of my smoothie from breakfast

applesandgingerjan14 009

For dinner I had refried beans, rice and a salad (with romaine,cherry tomatoes, cranberries, apples,sunflower seeds, oregano lemon juice, olive oil and salt). I also munched on some of these chocolate chip cookies too.

applesandgingerjan14 015


One thought on “What I ate Wednesday!

  1. I love how much green was in your day! Looks delicious!

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