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My top 10 posts of 2013

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I have been so busy with school that I haven’t been posting as many recipes as I would like too. Now that my first trimester of school is over I have a good studying routine going so I think I can get back to posting more recipes. I am working on a gluten free/yeast free sandwich bread recipe that I will post this week after I can get it to where I am completely happy with it. Here are the top 10 of my posts that  were the most popular in  2013:


Incredible hulk energy shake


Cranberry bliss bar


Raw pomegranate macadamia cheesecake

pomcake (52)

Raw chocolate chip molten lava cakes


Vanilla and chocolate vegan ice cream bars


Raw mini Mississippi mud cake


Vegan vanilla doughnuts with chocolate glaze

donut (66)

Mean green spirulina protein machine smoothie


Raw carrot cake with cashew butter cream frosting

rawcarrot (38)

Black forest mousse cake



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