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10 ways to eat healthier and save money

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1. Buy in bulk- You can buy alot of foods in bulk which will save money in the long run such as: dried beans, rice, dried fruits, nuts/seeds, produce that you use regularly, and meats.

2. Make it yourself –You can make quite a few things your self for much cheaper than buying the name brands at the store such as: nut milks, beans( buy dried instead of canned), crackers, sauces, gluten free flours, etc. This also helps avoid all the extra additives and fillers that are added to processed foods


3. Forage for local fruits and veggies– There is most likely a park or wild area or even your back yard where you live where you should  at least be able to forage for dandelion leaves for salads/smoothies etc. You may be able to find some fruit trees or bushes also.

4. Grow your own- Growing anything yourself will always save you some money and be healthier because you would know that it was grown in good quality organic conditions.


5. Get chickens– If you eat eggs getting your own chicken can be a good way to save money on food and you would get a superior quality egg as long as you raise them free range.


6. Add water to fresh juices to extend them out- If I drank all of my juices that I juiced with only 100% juice I would seriously be in the poor house! I cut them with water about 2/3 juice and 1/3 water. And if I’m really short of money I will do 50/50 and just add some stevia.

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7. Drink smoothies/juices based on cheaper produce- Making your smoothies and juices using a base of lots of carrots,apples, parsley and other lower cost produce will help save some money.

8. Plan meals ahead-Helps avoid too many trips to the store where extra spending or last minute junk food splurges might take place.

9. Less meat and more beans for protein

10. Do a juice fast 1 day a week-Help give your body a mini detox and save money in the process.


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