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Apple nachos! healthy snack or desert

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apple nachos (20)

The kids and I love these and make them all the time. I got the idea originally from my sister in law last summer. She made them with peanut butter and chocolate chips and other yummy toppings for a desert. I wanted to make it more of a healthy snack than a desert. We don’t eat peanut butter(because of many reasons )so I usually use sun butter or cashew butter on these. You can make a buffet of toppings and let the kids put what they want on their apples.

Apple nachos

Make thin round apple slices and top with nut/seed butter(my recipe below)


shredded coconut

sesame seeds

raisins/dried fruit

orange zest



Seed/nut butter (oil free)

1 cup ground nuts/seeds

juice of 1 1/2 oranges

sea salt (optional)


One thought on “Apple nachos! healthy snack or desert

  1. Yum i want these right now!!!

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